How to Use Divi Blog Carousel Module

Divi Blog Carousel is an amazing carousel plugin for divi theme user that allows you to showcase your posts in an excellent scrolling slider.

Divi blog carousel module allows you to display any posts, category, popular, recent or any other post category as Carousel/Slider.

You can use any of the premade divi post sliders from the collection.

If you’re looking for a fantastic post carousel plugin for your blog build with divi theme, then you’re at the right place.

Why Divi Blog Carousel for your blog Slider?

>Fully responsive
>Lightweight, fast & powerful.
>Easy to customise and stylize.
>Unlimited design possibility.
>Build only for Divi Theme.
>& Many More

What do you need to get started?

> Updated Divi Theme from Elegant Theme.
> Divi blog carousel module Plugin from DiviGear.

Don’t have a Blog Carousel Module?

How to install and activate the blog carousel module?

Installing divi blog carousel module is just like other WordPress plugins. You will find your copy here in the download section. Here is a quick video of how you can install Divi blog carousel module.

Don’t forget to activate your licence key after you install.

Now, Let’s create Divi Blog Carousel for Divi Theme

As usual, we have a video very first section of this page. You can follow that or keep reading.

Here is the thing if you don’t want to build your blog post slider from scratch. You can download from our demo section and use it.

Here is the video of how you can import our premade demos.

Building Blocks

Now let’s jump on to making it from scratch. Here is the sneak peek of what we are going to build.

All Set to Go.

We will start building from scratch. Now click the plus icon in the middle and select one row. As Always, I am using front end builder you can do this one backhand as well.

Now from the modules, search or find divi blog carousel and insert it.

Pro Tips: It will pull existing blog post from your WordPress CMS. You can always change it.

Now Time to set Blog Carousel Setting.

Here everything you can set on your need. If you want to follow along here is our blog carousel settings.

NOTE: Any settings not mentioned is set as default.

In the content section,

1. Under Carousel Setting

Item Spacing – 100

Arrow Navigation – Yes

Dot Navigation – Yes

Loop – Yes

Autoplay – Yes

Pause on hover – Yes

Equal Height – Yes

2. Under Background

Color – #ffffff

In the Design section,

1. Under Image Style

Select Image Size – Medium (400 x 250)

2. Under Title

Title Font – Poppins
Title Font Weight – Semi Bold

3. Under Meta (3 sections)

Meta (1st Section)
Use meta Icon – Yes
Meta Font – Playfair Display
Meta Text Color – #000000
Meta Text Size – 12px

Date (3rd Section)
Date On top – Yes

4. Under Content

Content Font – Playfair Display

5. Under Next & Prev Button

Next & Previous Color – #000000
Position – Top
Alignment – Right

6. Under Dot

Active color – #000000

7. Under Border

Rounded Corners – 8px (All four edge)

8. Under Custom Spacing (3 sections)

Container (1st Section)
Inner container Padding – Top 70 & Bottom 70

Content (2nd Section)
Content Padding – Top 55 bottom 55 & left 40 Right 40

9. Under Box Shadow

Box Shadow 4th from left
Box Shadow Vertical Position -20px
Box Shadow Blur Strength – 60px
Box Shadow Spread Strength – (-30px)

And save changes.

Now lets jump on to the section setting,

In the content section,
Background – #f9f9f9

Click Save Changes.

Now the row settings,

In the design tab,
Under Sizing
Make this row fullwidth – Yes

Click Save Changes.

Now save the whole thing and preview.

Having a blog post slider will take your site to another level. Power of blog carousel module which we have made is unlimited. We don’t build something that will keep you in the loop. So keep exploring, you will find your design that we didn’t even think of!!!

Be Surprised.