How to create A scrolling logo carousel or slider for Divi

Divi carousel module is the best alternative to create a scrolling logo carousels. Showcase clients logo to authenticate your trustworthiness as a business. Divi Carousel Module can showcase an infinite loop of logos in a modern and stylish manner.

Well, it’s not limited by client logo only. You can create an image carousel with this plugin. It offers unlimited design possibility. Here is a demo we created.

Our plugin is convenient to manage & display the logo images in your any divi builder site.

Divi Carousel Module is aesthetically sketched for everyone including designers & developers.

Divi Carousel Module is customizable and flexible to make scrolling logo carousel. It’s EASY and POWERFUL and NO CODING knowledge required!

Why Divi Carousel Module for your logo slider?

> Divi Carousel Module is built for Divi theme user.
> Featured in elegant theme blog.
> One of the most selling product in divi cake.
> 3D effect.
> Unlimited design possibility.
> Also can build a slider like a testimonial, team, etc.

What do you need to get started?

> Updated Divi Theme from Elegant Theme.
> Divi Carousel Module Plugin from DiviGear.

Don’t have a Divi Carousel Module?

How to install and activate the Divi carousel module?

Installing divi carousel module is just like other WordPress plugins. You will find your copy here in the download section. Here is a quick video of how you can install Divi carousel module.

Don’t forget to activate your licence key after you install.

Now, Let’s create A scrolling logo carousel or slider for divi.

We have a quick video very first of this page. You can follow that or keep reading.

Here is the thing if you don’t want to build it from scratch. You can download from our demo section and use it by replacing your logos which will scroll through.

Here is the video of how you can import our premade demos.

Building Blocks

Now let’s jump on to making it from scratch. Here is the sneak peek of what we are going to build.

All Set to Go.

We will start building from scratch. Now click the plus icon in the middle and select one row. By the way, I am using front end builder you can do this one backhand as well.

Now from the module, search or find divi carousel and insert it.

Again click on the plus sign in divi carousel setting and add the first item for your scrolling logo carousel.

Here you got plenty of options to play around. Feel free to do this.

Our Target is to build a logo carousel so we are jumping on image setting and adding an image or we can say logo. Click save changes.

PRO TIPS: Images need to be the same ratio or size to make slider equal in height.

Now you can add more by clicking plus sign, or you can copy your first item and replace it.

PRO TIPS: I would recommend copying when you put other designs like spacing and shadow.

Now let set the slider for our logo carousel.

Here everything you can set on your need. If you want to follow along here is our divi carousel setting.

NOTE: Any settings not mentioned is set as default.

In the content section,

Under Slider Settings

Show item desktop – 5
Transition Duration – 4000
Center Slide – Yes
Loop – Yes
Autoplay – Yes
Scrolling Effect – Yes
Vertical Align – Top

In the design section,

Under Image

Image Max width – 200px

Click Save Changes.

Now the row settings,

In the design tab,
Under Sizing

Make this Raw Full width – Yes
Use Custom Gutter Width – Yes
Gutter Width – 1

Click Save Changes.

Now save the whole thing and preview.

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