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DiviGear Pop-Up Module is your go-to solution for creating stunning Divi pop-ups and boosting user interaction on your website. Whether you’re aiming for lead generation, promotions, or growing your email list, DiviGear Pop-Up Module empowers you to display compelling pop-ups anywhere with ease.

14 Days Money-back guarantees. Lifetime Update.

Find Out What Divi Lovers Think of Our Divi Popup Plugin

Easy setup, seamless customization, and responsive design. The tabs effortlessly present diverse content, and dynamic loading ensures swift transitions for me.
Jason Harding
Reviewed at 3rd party source
The plugin is so easy to use and the support is fast and friendly.
Martin Krajnak
Reviewed at Facebook
Great plugin, excellent support – always ready to assist with any issue!
Reviewed at Elegant Marketplace


Maximize Impactful Engagement with Strategic Popups

Divi Popup Maker
Divi Popup Trigger
Divi Popup Settings
Divi Popup Customization
Divi Popup Layouts

Kickstart with Free Premade Section Layouts

Unlock your creative potential with our free, reusable DiviGear Popup section designs! These layouts are optimized for seamless performance across all devices.

Revolutionize User Engagement with Action-Packed Popups

DiviGear Popup Module transforming the way you connect with your audience, enhance user experience, capture leads, and drive conversions effortlessly.

Popup Elements

Use 100’s of Divi Modules including 3rd party to create amazing popups for Divi

Popup Types

Create any type of popup by combining Divi features with Divi Popup

Popup Trigger

Choose a trigger type from the list of 6 actionable triggers and use it with conditions.

Popup Conditions

Show the relevant popup to the right person on the targeted page using conditions.

Popup Position

Place your poped-up content in 9 different positions in a website view port.

Popup Animations

Animate popup with 8 different animations while revealing as well as when closed.

Popup Close

Close popup with a customizable closing button as well as any elements of your liking.

Popup Cookie

Set different cookies for your popup based on requirements and user perspective.

Enhance Your Website’s Interactivity with DiviGear Pop-up Module

An intuitive solution for creating compelling and strategically timed pop-ups

14-Day Money-Back Guarantee. Lifetime Updates

Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers

Is It Multilingual Ready?


Yes, our plugin is perfectly compatible with multilingual plugins like WPML. So, no need to worry about language barriers.

Can I Use It without Divi Builder?


No, in order to use our CPT modules, it’s important to ensure that the Divi builder is activated on your site.

Does it Work with Any Theme?


Absolutely! Our modules is like a chameleon that blends seamlessly with any theme, as long as the Divi builder is activated on your site.

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14-Day Money-Back Guarantee. Lifetime Updates