Divi Blog Module

Divi blog module enables you to elevate your content presentation to the next level. Whether it’s a post or a project, showcase them with visually captivating layouts as unique as your brand.

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The plugin is incredibly user-friendly, and the support team is not only fast in their responses but also very friendly and helpful.

Martin Krajnak

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This is a great plugin, and I’ve had a wonderful experience with their support team. They are always ready to assist with any issues or questions!


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The Divi Blog Module is a blogger’s dream. With stunning layouts, user-friendly customization, and top-notch mobile responsiveness, it elevates any blog’s appearance and user experience.

Carol P. Munoz

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Your Gateway to Crafting Powerful Blog Layouts for Divi

Post Elements for Divi Blog Module
Blog Post Layouts for Divi Blog Module
Showcase Post, Project, Product, Custom Post Type with Divi Blog Module
Divi Blog Module Customization
Divi Blog Layouts

Kickstart with Free Premade Section Layouts

Unlock your creative potential with our free, reusable blog section designs! These layouts are optimized for seamless performance across all devices.

Build a Blog Page That Delights and Engages Readers

In addition to the core features of the blog module, there are other exciting functionalities that enhance its performance and practicality.

Show Related Posts

Utilize the blog module to display related posts beneath each article, enhancing navigation for your readers.

Create Archive Pages

Easily construct archive pages within the Divi theme builder using the blog module’s innovative capabilities.

Flexible Column Structure

Set the number of columns, ranging from two to five, based on devices, enabling you to create optimized blog layouts.

Image as a Background

Transform featured images into background elements to give your layout a distinctive and eye-catching appearance.

Hover & Scale Effects

Elevate your blog to the next level with dynamic hover and scaling effects, including overlays.

Element Positioning

Customize the positions of individual elements to match your design requirements using simple drop-down menus.

Custom Spacing

Enjoy extensive custom spacing options for each element, allowing you to create layouts with ample breathing room for a polished look.

Stylish Pagination

Access stylish pagination options with all the necessary customizations to enhance user navigation.

Explore the Power of the Divi Blog Module Plugin

Design a blog page that is easy to navigate and attractive, convincing people to read more.

14-Day Money-Back Guarantee. Lifetime Updates

Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers

Can I show related posts using the blog module?


Yes, you can showcase related posts based on specific categories. This allows visitors to discover more content that is similar to the topics they are interested in.

Does it offer multiple blog post layouts?


Yes, our module offers three different blog post layouts: Grid, Masonry, and List. This provides limitless design opportunities for you.

Can I show different post types using the blog module?


Yes, our module supports multiple Custom Post Types, including posts, projects, and any custom post types.

Is It Multilingual Ready?


Yes, indeed. Our plugin is fully compatible with multilingual plugins such as WPML.

Can I Use it without Divi Builder?


No, in order to use our blog module, you need to ensure that the Divi Builder is available on your site.

Does it work with any theme?


Yes, our module will work perfectly with any theme as long as the Divi Builder is installed on the site.

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