Advanced Divi Tabs Module

Experience the next level of tab creation with DiviGear Advanced Tabs, an extended version of the standard Divi tabs module. Seamlessly integrate numerous nested tabs and enjoy the flexibility to style each tab either horizontally or vertically.

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Find Out What Divi Lovers Think of Our Divi Tabs Plugin

Easy setup, seamless customization, and responsive design. The tabs effortlessly present diverse content, and dynamic loading ensures swift transitions for me.
Jason Harding
Reviewed at 3rd party source
The plugin is so easy to use and the support is fast and friendly.
Martin Krajnak
Reviewed at Facebook
Great plugin, excellent support – always ready to assist with any issue!
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Streamline Your Content Structure with our Advanced Tabs Module

Divi Vertical & Horizontal Tabs Module
Divi Tabs Content Customization
Divi Tabs Navigation Bar Customization
Divi Tabs Module Customization
Divi Shortcode Extension
Divi Tabs Layouts

Kickstart with Free Premade Section Layouts

Unlock your creative potential with our free, reusable horizontal & vertical tabs section designs! These layouts are optimized for seamless performance across all devices.

Other Extensive Features of the Advanced
Divi Tabs Module

Advanced Divi tabs module unlocks a wealth of untapped features right at your fingertips. Explore, combine, and create something truly exceptional.

Reveal Animations

Choose from 8 different reveal animations for content to ensure smooth transitions during navigation.

Sticky Navigation

Make the navigation bar sticky based on devices and style it to your liking.

Custom Spacing

Define balanced gaps between elements to give your tabs a prominent look.

Active Stage

Customize the appearance of the navigation item that is currently in the active stage.

Active Arrow

Set an arrow on active items pointing towards the content and customize its style.

Content Vertical Alignment

Align the content vertically in three different positions.

Background Customizer

Apply and customize the background of the navigation bar, content area, or the entire module.

Scroll Effects

Add scroll effects by selecting the right sticky position, transform effect, vertical motion, and effect trigger.

Create Amazing Vertical or Horizontal Tabs Using Any Type of Content

Break free from default tabs module limitations and unlock new possibilities with our advanced tabs.

14-Day Money-Back Guarantee. Lifetime Updates

Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers

Can I Add Tabs Anywhere on My Website?


Yes, you can add tabs to various sections of your website depending on your design and content requirements.

Can I Display Multiple Tabs on a Single Page?


Yes, you can display multiple tabs on a single page. Using multiple tabs is a common practice in web design to organize and present various types of content.

Can I Nest a Tab Group within an Existing Tab?

Yes, it is possible to nest a tab group inside another tab using a shortcode, and the process is straightforward without any complications.

Is It Multilingual Ready?


Yes, our plugin is perfectly compatible with multilingual plugins like WPML. So, no need to worry about language barriers.

Can I Use It without Divi Builder?


No, in order to use our tab module, it’s important to ensure that the Divi builder is activated on your site.

Does it Work with Any Theme?


Absolutely! Our module is like a chameleon that blends seamlessly with any theme, as long as the Divi builder is activated on your site.

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14-Day Money-Back Guarantee. Lifetime Updates