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We bring innovation to the Divi Builder, enhancing your design efficiency with our powerful Divi plugins, enabling you to create stunning Divi websites like never before.

Pop Things Up

Divi Popup

Easily build stunning Popups to engage, convert and delight your visitors.

Use hundred of Divi modules to create popup

Create any type of popup and trigger it
Show right popup to the right person at right time
Starts from $39.00/Lifetime
Divi Popup Module Plugin
Data Display Dynamo

Divi Table Modules

Responsive, featured rich, SEO friendly table as divi Modules
2 Responsive Divi Table Modules in One Plugin
Made using Table tag, 100% SEO friendly
Design header, rows, columns, and footer
Starts from $39.00/Lifetime
Divi Table Modules Plugin
Visual Symphony

Divi Gallery Module

The brand new inclusion to create gorgeous-looking image galleries for Divi.
3 Module to create various image Galleries for Divi
Masonry, Grid, Packery, Justified, and Filter Layouts
Animations, Effects, Ajax, and many hidden gems
Starts from $39.00/Lifetime
Divi Gallery Module Plugin
Custom post power

Divi CPT Module

The ultimate solution for crafting captivating CPT layouts that transform your post types.
3 Divi CPT Modules in One Plugin
Grid or Masonry layout with or without filter
CPT Carousel with regular Or 3D slider
Starts from $49.00/Lifetime
Divi CPT Modules Plugin

Forever Favorite

Divi Carousel 2.0

Create a powerful carousel slider for Divi with the most popular and affordable Divi plugin.

5 Different types of carousels with one module

3D Coverflow or regular slider

Image lightbox over the carousel

Starts from $15.00/Lifetime
Divi Carousel Module Plugin

Beyond Default

Advanced Divi Tabs

Get the next-gen version of the Divi tabs module and create compelling tabs using any content.

Vertical and horizontal tabs inside one module

Use any type of content inside the tabs

Divi shortcode extension included

Starts from $25.00/Lifetime
Divi Tabs Module Plugin

Product Spotlight

Divi Product Carousel

Promote WooCommerce products in an engaged and convertible carousel slider in Divi websites.

All necessary Woocommerce components

Multi Slide or single product slide

Animated Add to cart for quick conversions

Starts from $19.00/Lifetime
Divi Product Carousel Module Plugin

Blog Mastery

Divi Blog Module

Craft dynamic blog layouts for Divi to attract and educate your potential customers.

All Essential Dynamic Post Elements

Grid, Masonry and List Layouts

Support all custom pos types

Starts from $25.00/Lifetime
Divi Blog Module Plugin

Scrolling Stories

Divi Blog Carousel

Showcase blog posts in a gorgeous looking carousel and place it anywhere in your website.

Blog post elements control

Meta data customizer

Full featured carousel options

Starts from $19.00/Lifetime
Divi Blog Carousel Module Plugin

Epic Headlines

Divi Headings

Create beautifully crafted, uniquely designed animated or static headings for Divi.

2 modules inside one plugin

9 Fancy text animations

Gradient text, Text mask, Multi-text and more

Starts from $29.00/Lifetime
Divi Heading Module Plugin

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Love their products! I first got the carousel module and fell in love with it… Then when the blog carousel was released, I purchased it too without even blinking! Very stable and amazing products!   Wissam Chidiak
Reviewed at Facebook
Easy setup, seamless customization, and responsive design. The tabs effortlessly present diverse content, and dynamic loading ensures swift transitions for me.   Jason Harding
Reviewed at 3rd party source
If not the best then one of the best DIVI teams on the net for sure!!! Always there when you need them, very professional, very dedicated to their work and the customer is in the first place. Thank you guys for your great work and your help.   Mustafa Gramočelji
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Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers

What are Divi plugins?


Divi Plugins are an integral part of the Divi theme ecosystem. These are custom WordPress plugins developed to extend or add new functionalities to Divi. Whether you are creating a blog, e-commerce, or business website with Divi, plugins play a crucial role in achieving your desired design.

What are Divi Modules?


Divi Modules are developed with various types of content elements that are typically used within a row to achieve a specific design. Each content element within the module comes with numerous customization options, simplifying the design process. Additionally, Divi has a thriving ecosystem of third-party plugins that offer many modules to enhance its functionality.

What is the Difference Between Divi Plugins and Divi Modules?


A plugin is a tool that can be installed to extend functionality and add additional features to the Divi builder. In contrast, a module consists of a content element that helps you design a website according to your needs. It’s important to note that a single plugin can contain multiple modules.

How Do I Install a Divi Plugin?


After downloading a Divi plugin, navigate to your WordPress dashboard > plugins > add new, then select the upload option. Choose the plugin and click the “Install Now” button to complete the process.

Do I Need Coding Skills to Use Divi Plugins?


No, Divi developers have designed their plugins with a user-friendly approach, allowing individuals without coding skills to use them effectively. Therefore, there is no requirement for coding expertise to operate Divi plugins.

Can I Use Multiple Divi Plugins?


Yes, you can use multiple Divi third-party plugins on your website simultaneously. However, it may occasionally lead to certain difficulties. In such instances, reaching out to the support team of the respective plugin can help address and resolve any issues that may arise.

Do Divi Plugins Work with Any WordPress Theme?


Yes, as long as the Divi builder is installed and activated on your website, Divi plugins work with any WordPress theme.

Do Divi Plugins Slow Down My Website?


Contrary to common misconceptions, Divi plugins do not negatively impact the speed or performance of your website. Based on our testing using plugins like DiviGear and DiviFlash, there is no evidence to suggest that Divi plugins will slow down your website.

Can I use WordPress plugins with Divi?


Yes, Divi is considered one of the best WordPress themes, and you can use any WordPress plugins with Divi without any conflicts.

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