Carousel Module Overview

The Divi carousel module is the most popular carousel for Divi. It’s simple and elegant with compact features. Using this module is as easy as Edge. To use this plugin on your website you need-

  • The Divi theme is installed and active.
  • Install Divi Carousel Module 2.0 (See our detailed instructions on installation)

What’s Inside The Plugin?

After successful installation, you will see a new “Divi Carousel” module in your Divi module list. Add a carousel anywhere on your site with this module.

Divi Carousel Module Overview

The Divi Carousel module is a multipurpose module with tons of features in it. You can create teams, testimonials, images, and content carousels using a single module. Once you added the module inside a page you will find three tabs like any divi module-

  • Content Tab
  • Design Tab
  • And Advanced Tab

There is an option to add a new item in the content tab. Each item will added as a carousel slider and each item has the same three tab settings. 

Settings inside the item will only affect that item while settings from the parent will affect the whole carousel or every item.

Add New Item

Click on the plus icon to add a new item. Each item will show as a carousel slide or item. Inside the item, you will have the option to add content and style it.

Content Option of Carousel Item

Add all your content here. Keep blank if you don’t need it. This is where different carousel variations started.

Main Content

Here we have the option to add content like Title, Subtitle, and Content.

Title and Image Link

Add a custom link here. The link will apply to the image and title. 

Button Settings

Add Button Text and URL for the navigation of your carousel item button. You can set conditions for the URL to open to the same tab or a new one.

Image Settings

Here we have an image or icon setting option for the carousel item.

  • Use Icon: Turn on to use icon instead of image select icon as per your need.
  • Image: Add an image to your carousel slider from here. You can also add image alt text afterward.
  • Open in lightbox: Turn this on to allow the image to open in lightbox.


The meta option allows you to add some meta data to each carousel item.

  • Use Social Media: Turn on to add social media URLs. You can add popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, and Email Address.
  • Use Rating: Enable to add a rating to carousel item. Then select the number of ratings from 1 to 5.


Here you can insert a link that will apply to the Carousel Item.


The next option we have is the background. We can set color, gradient, image, pattern, and mask. This will apply to the Carousel Item.

Admin Label

The last thing we have is the admin label which is by default title of the Carousel Item.

Design Option of Carousel Item

Image Styles

If you are using an image in your carousel item then you can set the position for your image in five different places. Which is the top, bottom, inside content, left, and right.

If you choose the image position to left or right then some additional features will be available for you.

  • Image Width by %: Set the image width here. Depending on the image width your content width will be adjusted.
  • Table on Top: Turn this on if you want to show the image on top for tablet and mobile while the image stays left or right on the desktop.
  • Mobile on Top: Turn this on if you want to show the image on top for mobile only while the image stays left or right on desktop and tablet devices.

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