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Divi Image Sizes Latest Guide to Use It

by | Jul 18, 2019 | Divi

Divi Image Size Guide
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Divi module makes it easy to add images to your website. But, for some, the challenge is to know the correct image size needed to be used in each case. While every website is different, there is nothing like the “perfect image sizes” for all websites. Yet, you as a web designer can do some things to make sure your images are perfect for your website.

This article is written to help and guide you on the various divi image sizes to use to get the best result. And we will let you know why this is important too.

As a web designer, the aspect ratio you are working with should determine the divi image size you would be using. As you may have known, there are three common aspect ratios.

The number to the left refers to the width (otherwise known as the x-axis) while the number to the right refers to the height (also known as the y-axis). These are the three aspect ratios known: 4: 3, 16: 9, and the 3:4. But 4: 3 and 16: 9 are the two most commonly used ratios.

Although there are two most used aspect ratios Divi theme or builder is made considering all three ratios. It allows you the freedom to use whatever you like.

Different Size of Images

For the best divi image sizes, here are the best ratios to use.

Generally, here are the recommended image sizes for 16: 9 ratio:
1 column: 1080 x 608.
¾ column: 795 x 447.
⅔ Column: 700 x 394.
½ column: 510 x 287.
⅓ Column: 320 x 181.
¼ column: 225 x 128.

For the 4:3 aspect ratio, here are the best divi image sizes to use

1 column: 1080 x 810
¾ column: 795 x 597
⅔ Column: 700 x 526
½ column: 510 x 384
⅓ Column: 320 x 241
¼ column: 225 x 170

If you’re working with portraits on your website, the person module is the best divi image size to use. It is the 3:4 aspect ratio, and it is best for portraits. For this image size, here are the module image sizes for all three aspect ratios.

3:4 – 600 x 800 (recommended for portraits)
16:9 – 600 x 338
4:3 – 600 x 400

Using the best divi images or divi featured image size helps you standardize your site. It ensures no image will look out of place. Using the right divi image sizes have a far-reaching effect. It helps in your SEO since search engines (especially Google) are particular about user experience. So aside from not making your site distorted, SEO is another reason you must be using the right divi image sizes.

Another way to optimize the images on your site is to ensure that your image size is compressed between 60KB and 200KB. This helps the image load fast, and not impede the loading time of your website. You can do this by resizing, cropping or compressing your images.

Generally, most of the images on the internet are either PNG, GIF or JPEG. JPEG is suitable in most cases, because of how sharp their colors and compatibility are.

You may use JPEG for all your image types, including your Divi head image, divi background image, etc.

GIFs are particularly good for images that are to be animated. If you want to have a picture with many details on your site or images with transparent background functions, then the PNG format is best.

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