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10 Best Divi Popup Plugins in 2024

by | Mar 31, 2024 | Divi

Best Divi Popup Plugins
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Divi is amazing with lots of offerings, but it lacks a built-in popup functionality.

Popups have proven to be a highly effective tool for boosting website engagement, but the key is to use them wisely to avoid annoying your audience. 

And so you need to do it the right way by targeting your user at the right time with the best popup builder plugin.

In this guide, we’ll take a look at the best Divi popup plugin available for Divi users so you can make the right choice.

Let’s get started.

Our Top Listed Divi Popup Plugins

Plugin NameTrigger TypesStarting PricingVerdict
DiviFlash6$49Best popup builder for Divi with extensive triggers and animations.
DiviGear Popup6$39Best Divi popup plugin with optimized performance. 
Popups for Divi3FreeBest for simple, budget-friendly popup integration, although it lacks advanced triggers.
Divi Areas Pro8$89Feature-rich with a wide range of triggers, relatively more expensive.
Divi Overlays5$24Offers a comprehensive suite of trigger actions, though fields can be confusing.
Bloom5$89Optimal for email list building, yet limited to opt-in forms.
Divi Supreme Popups4$79Enhances engagement with stylish animations, lacking display conditions.
Divi Modal Popup5$29Provides detailed customization options for modal popups, but UI complexity may pose challenges.
Divi Pixel Popup Maker5€49Versatile Divi popup maker with smooth animations, but lacks display conditions.
Divi Next Popup Pro5$9Offers a dynamic popup solution, yet the pricing plan can be confusing.


Divi Popup by DiviFlash is a powerful, lightweight, and one of the best Divi popup builders to create conversion-focused, mobile-friendly popups using any Divi modules. You can tailor your popups with precise triggers, display conditions, and strategic placements while enhancing the user experience with customizable animations. 

All it needs is just three steps: create, configure, and go live! Furthermore, DiviFlash also offers overlay customization, close button control, advanced cookie policies, and many more in-built settings.

Trigger Types Offered by DiviFlash

On ClickScroll to element
On loadOn exit
On scrollOn inactivity

Key Features

  • 8 engaging reveal animations.
  • 9 different placement options.
  • Show popups based on user roles.
  • Display/hide popups based on the device.
  • Target specific pages/posts for popups.
  • Schedule popup appearance.
  • Set recurring popups by day.

What We Liked Most

  • 20+ pre-made popup layouts.
  • Diverse popup options include a lightbox modal, Divi floating bar, video popup, full-screen popup, and email opt-in popup.
  • Facilitate registrations, lead generation, and much more.


  • Limited only for Divi.


DiviFlash offers a comprehensive Divi plugin solution featuring 50+ powerful modules, including the Divi popup. To access the Divi popup, simply purchase any DiviFlash license.

  • Personal Pack: $49 per year for a Single website
  • Business Pack: $89 per year for Unlimited websites
  • Agency Pack: $299 for Unlimited websites with lifetime access

DiviGear Popup

DiviGear Popup is the best divi popup plugin

DiviGear Popup for Divi is another best popup builder plugins for creating captivating popups on your Divi website. You can easily schedule popups for timely promotions, personalize triggers, and access pre-made designs for quick implementation. 

Additionally, the DiviGear Popup Builder offers diverse trigger types, device-specific responsiveness, customizable animations, overlays, and triggerable close buttons for maximum impact. It is optimized for best performance and also doesn’t slow down your site at all.

Trigger Types Offered by DiviGear Divi Popup 

Click on the elementScroll to element
Popup on page loadOn exit
On scrollOn inactivity

Best Features

  • 9 placement options for popups.
  • 8 animation types for reveal effects.
  • Display conditions customized for user roles.
  • Manage cookie policy customization.
  • Schedule popups in advance for promotions and special events.

What We Liked Most

  • Plenty of popup templates.
  • Refine every aspect of pop-ups, including responsive designs and personalized triggers.


  • Limited only for Divi.


  • 3 Site: $39
  • Unlimited Site: $69

Popups for Divi

Popups for Divi is a simple and highly flexible popup plugin for Divi that simplifies popup creation within the Visual Builder. You can transform any Divi section into an interactive popup and customize it using default Divi modules and also trigger them with various options like link clicks or exit intent. Popups for Divi also ensure fast page loading, compatibility with caching plugins, and responsiveness across devices. The best part is that it is a forever-free plugin. 

Trigger Types Offered by Popups for Divi

On Click
On Mouse Hover
On Exit

Key Features

  • Activate popups with buttons or links.
  • Convert any section into a popup.
  • Enjoy unlimited popups per page.
  • Trigger popups through buttons or links.
  • Expand functionality with a professional JavaScript API.
  • Compliant with GPL licensing restrictions.

What We Liked Most

  • Completely free. 
  • Design popups directly within the page, there is no need for a separate popup editor.
  • You have the option to enroll in a complimentary onboarding email course.


  • No pre-built templates.
  • Only a few trigger options.
  • Minimal conditional display. 



Divi Areas Pro

Divi Areas Pro is a feature-rich popup plugin for Divi, offering popups, fly-ins, hovers, mega menus, and more. With an intuitive UI and seamless integration with Divi, Extra theme, Divi Builder plugin, and WooCommerce, Divi Areas Pro brings diversity in popup creation for Divi users. 

While advanced features like display conditions and multiple trigger types enhance its functionality, users can also try a free version with limited features before deciding. Additionally, it offers a dedicated tab in the Divi settings panel for easy control. 

Trigger Types Offered by Divi Areas Pro

On ClickOn Back Button
On Mouse HoverAfter Delay or Instantly
On ExitOn Scroll Distance
On Browser FocusOn Inactivity

Key Features

  • Set popups based on Area, Date, and URL conditions.
  • Easily create custom popups in the WordPress admin.
  • Compatible with all Divi modules.
  • Works seamlessly with cache plugins.
  • Utilizes localStorage for improved performance tracking of closed popups.

What We Liked Most

  • Integrates Popups with Fly-Ins and Hover Areas.
  • Features a familiar “Divi-like” admin layout.
  • Includes a public knowledge base with documentation and examples.


  • Comparatively more expensive than other popup plugins for Divi.


Single: $89 per year for 1 site.

Unlimited: $169 per year for unlimited websites.

Divi Overlays

Divi Overlays is another popular popup builder for Divi to create any popup imaginable, with access to the entire Divi Builder library for customization. From manual triggers to automatic trigger actions, Divi Overlays provides plenty of engagement options to design your popups, overlays, modals, and lightboxes. 

With over a dozen professionally designed popup layouts to choose from and the ability to create classic Divi modal popups, it goes beyond traditional popup creation.

Trigger Types Offered by Divi Overlays

Time delayScroll based
Exit intentURL trigger
On click

Key Features

  • Design overlays easily with Divi’s Visual Builder.
  • Create new overlays via a custom Post type in the wp-admin area.
  • Customize opening animations for overlays.
  • Implement close buttons with cookie functionality.
  • Utilize Ajax loading for overlays.
  • Customize close button size, color, background, and padding.
  • Specify display options for mobile, tablet, or desktop devices.

What We Liked Most

  • Automatic triggers including Timed, On Scroll, and Exit-Intent.
  • Trigger overlays simply by clicking on a CSS selector.


  • Fields lack clear descriptions, making usage confusing.
  • Close cookie is set as soon as an overlay is opened.


Single Site: $24 per year 

Three Sites: $49 per year 

Unlimited Sites: $79 per year 

Lifetime Unlimited: $129 for access


Bloom is an email opt-in plugin by Elegant Themes, that helps the Divi user to expand email lists and effectively add popups on their Divi website. Seamlessly integrated with leading email marketing tools like MailChimp, AWeber, and others, it provides flexible options for managing popup opt-in forms. 

Featuring six types of opt-ins, Bloom provides versatile display choices. Keep in mind, Bloom doesn’t allow you to create the popup from Divi Builder.

Trigger Types Offered by Bloom

Time delaybottom of Post
After scrollingAfter commenting
After purchasingAfter inactivity

Key Features

  • Infinite color options for image orientation.
  • Target-specific post types and categories.
  • Import and export Bloom data.
  • Tailored admin panel dashboard.
  • Integration with 19 email marketing platforms.
  • Intuitive Opt-In builder for effortless use.

What We Liked Most

  • 100+ design templates for diverse options.
  • Included in Divi subscription, effectively free.
  • Advanced marketing features like A/B testing.


  • Limited to creating Opt-In forms only
  • Not a true Divi extension, but a standalone plugin.


Bloom is included with the Divi subscription; otherwise, it will cost you,

Yearly: $89 per year 

Lifetime: $249 for access

Divi Supreme Popup

Divi Supreme Popups is an extension of the renowned Divi plugin. With its user-friendly interface users can easily customize eye-catching popups using the Divi Library, all without coding. 

Simply enable popups in any Divi module or Supreme Module on any post/page, and engage visitors with animations triggered by events like page load, scroll, or clicks. Also, select from layout, iframe, image, or video popups, and target specific audiences with popup trigger events.

Trigger Types Offered by Divi Supreme

On clickOn page load
On page scrollOn exit intent

Key Features

  • Utilize HTML attributes in Divi
  • Select from various popup positions.
  • Define custom cookie expiry dates.

What We Liked Most

  • Advanced styling options
  • 40+ entrance and exit popup animations.


  • Divi Supreme popup builder doesn’t support display conditions.


Divi Supreme Popups extension for Divi is only available with the pro version.

Professional Pack: $79 per year for Unlimited websites.

Agency Pack: $239 for Lifetime access.

Divi Modal Popup

Divi Modal Popup is another best Divi popup plugins, designed to create captivating modal popups and video lightboxes. With multiple modal trigger types, it enables users to leverage diverse element options and personalize content with text, shortcodes, images, videos, and Divi library items. 

You can choose popup locations and entrance animations, with adjustable speed curves for smooth transitions. Also, enjoy extensive customization options for headers, footers, titles, background, alignment, and styling of trigger and close buttons. 

Trigger Types Offered by Bloom

On-page loadOn scroll
Time Delay PopupExit

Key Features

  • Multiple elements type for triggers.
  • Different page positions for display modals.
  • Display text or Divi library items in the popup.
  • Display the header, footer, and title on the modal.

What We Liked Most

  • 7 Modal window placement locations.
  • 7 Modal window entrance animations.
  • Smooth speed effects for animation effects.


  • No support for display conditions.
  • Complicated UI.


Single Site: $29 per year 

Unlimited Sites: $49 per year 

Membership: $449 for Lifetime access

Divi Pixel Popup Maker

Divi Pixel Popup Maker

Divi Pixel Popup Maker is yet another powerful popup plugin for Divi to create beautiful popups through advanced triggering settings. With an intuitive user interface and comprehensive customization options, it seamlessly covers all your marketing needs. Whether it’s slide-in banners, modal popups, or promo bars, you can precisely display any content and control when and where the popups will appear. 

Trigger Types Offered by Bloom

On loadOn scroll
On inactivityOn Exit
Manual Trigger

Key Features

  • User-friendly interface.
  • Advanced triggering settings.
  • Popup placement and customization.
  • Close button position customization.

What We Liked Most

  • Smooth popup animations.
  • 9 avaialble popup positions.


  • Lacks display conditions.
  • No customized user roles.


Single Site: €49 per year 

Three Sites: €99 per year 

Unlimited Sites: €149 per year 

Divi Next Popup Pro

Divi Next Popup Pro is a multipurpose Divi popup plugin to promote special offers, capture leads, or boost newsletter subscriptions. With customizable triggers, various layouts, and dynamic animations, it enables precise customization to match your brand identity. 

Seamlessly integrating with your marketing strategies, ensures compliance with data privacy regulations. Additionally, Divi Next Popup Pro provides intuitive customization options and display configurations too.

Trigger Types Offered by Divi Next Popup Pro

On LoadOn scroll
On inactivityOn Exit
Manual Trigger

Key Features

  • Set popups for specific pages or areas.
  • Customize appearance dynamically.
  • Personalize the close button.
  • Schedule popups by time and date.
  • Control popup frequency per visit or schedule.

What We Liked Most

  • Free templates are available.
  • More than 30 hover animations to choose from.


Confusing pricing plan. 


Personal License: $9 yearly access

Professional License: $15 yearly access

Extended License:  $29 yearly access

Unlimited License:  $99 yearly access

What to Consider in Popup Plugins for Divi

When exploring popup plugins for Divi, several key factors should guide your decision to ensure you select the most effective tool for your website. Here’s what to consider:

Integration with Divi Builder

Look for plugins that seamlessly integrate with the Divi Builder. This compatibility allows you to easily create and customize popups using Divi’s visual editor, ensuring a cohesive look and feel across your site.

Customization Options

The ability to customize your popups is crucial. Choose a plugin that offers extensive customization options, including layouts, animations, colors, and triggers. The more control you have, the better you can align the popup with your site’s design and user experience.

Targeting and Trigger Options

Effective popups need to reach the right audience at the right time. Consider plugins that provide advanced targeting options (e.g., based on user behavior, location, device) and trigger options (e.g., exit-intent, time-based, scroll depth) to maximize engagement and conversion rates.

Performance and Speed

Popups should not negatively impact your website’s load time. Look for plugins optimized for performance, ensuring they load asynchronously and don’t slow down your site. A lightweight plugin enhances user experience and SEO performance.


With the increasing use of mobile devices to access the web, your chosen popup plugin must be responsive. It should adapt to different screen sizes and devices, ensuring a consistent user experience across all platforms.

Compliance and Best Practices

Ensure the plugin adheres to web standards and best practices, including GDPR compliance for collecting user data. Privacy regulations should be respected, and the plugin should offer features like easy cookie consent management.

Support and Documentation

Reliable support and comprehensive documentation can significantly ease the setup and customization process. Look for plugins backed by responsive support teams and extensive guides or tutorials.

Reviews and Reputation

Before settling on a plugin, research its reviews and reputation within the Divi community and broader WordPress ecosystem. Feedback from other users can provide valuable insights into a plugin’s reliability and effectiveness.


Evaluate the plugin’s cost relative to its features and your budget. While free plugins can offer valuable functionalities, premium options might provide the advanced features and support necessary for your needs.

Wrapping Up

Choosing a popup builder plugin for Divi is a wise move for crafting engaging popups. It grants you extended customization capabilities and the advantage of using Divi Builder’s visual editor for designing your popups.

This article has highlighted the best Divi popup plugins, both free and premium, to assist you in meeting your campaign targets. Each option offers something to consider, and we believe you will find one of the best popup plugins for Divi within this list. 

We’re eager to hear which plugin you decided on; let us know in the comments.

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